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    The east gable end showing the main entry porch, natural cedar siding, and stucco on the foundation and stair block. next>
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    The south elevation, long side of the rectangle built into the hillside, seen through a stand of hardwood trees.<back next>
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    East gable end showing combined materials of cedar siding, stucco, cedar shingle and standing seam metal roof.<back next>
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    Detail of the stair block showing stucco siding and cedar shingle entry porch roof.<back next>
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    Winter view of the western gable end with "saltbox" block over a patio area.<back next>
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    Detail of the patio area closed in with jalousie windows to match cedar siding.<back next>
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    The main stair finished with "pickled" pine, red birch treads and a brass handrail.<back next>
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    Bird's-eye view of the sitting room.<back next>
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    The bookshelf tower and rolling bookshelf ladder. <back next>
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    2nd floor balcony with window seat. <back next>
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    Dining alcove with seat bench storage. <back next>
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    Kitchen with birch plywood cabinetry, slate counter top, and pass-through to the sitting room. <back next>
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    Clerestory opening from dining area and fireplace to 2nd floor to bring in light and allow free air flow. <back next>
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    Master bedroom located in the "saltbox". <back next>
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    Detail of stained glass shutters opening from the master bedroom to the clerestory.<back next>
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    Stained glass shutters separating the stair block from the sitting room.<back next>
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    Two views of the sun patio — screened in, and after glass doors and jalousie windows were added.  Glass blocks set in a concrete floor give light to a basement area below.<back next>
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    1st Floor Plan<back next>
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    2nd Floor Plan<back next>
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    Site Plan<back next>
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    Exploded Oblique Drawing<back next>
    lamm25[22 of 25]
    Oblique Model Drawing<back next>
    lamm26[23 of 25]
    Oblique Frame Model Drawing<back next>
    lamm27[24 of 25]
    West Framing Elevation Drawing<back next>
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    North Framing Elevation Drawing<back

Named after the northern England hills, Lammermuir is located in the foothills of the Green Mountains.  The house is a vanguard to combine energy efficient design with aesthetic beauty.  Conceived as a 16ft x 36ft rectangular core with a stair block and a  "saltbox" attached to each side, the house has a small footprint, and is built into an east-west slope to take advantage of solar gain and natural topography.  The design combines a traditional vernacular style with modern simplicity and extreme attention to detail using natural, locally sourced materials.

Click through the slides above to view the finished house and select drawings, or scroll through the filmstrip below to follow the context, design and construction.

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