• model1[1 of 4] "Denise Scott Brown and I are happy to endorse the model you made of the exterior of the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery as a true work of art in itself in terms of its workmanship and spirit that evolves from true understanding."

    (Robert Venturi — Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Inc., Philadelphia)

    The National Gallery
    Trafalgar Square, London, England
    model2[2 of 4] "Even in my work on the jury of the Pritzker Prize, I have seldom come across models which do justice to the minute detailing of a building, while retaining its intrinsic character and its relation to the site… Such quality can only result from James's true understanding of the architectural process, as well as a level of craftsmanship which is seldom found anywhere today."

    (Jacob Rothschild — Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery, London)

    The National Gallery
    Trafalgar Square, London, England
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    model3[3 of 4] "James is a craftsman of the highest standards who will settle for nothing less than perfection… He transforms problems into opportunities and constantly challenges the limits of his remarkable skills…"

    (Ada Karmi Melamede — Karmi Architects & Co, Israel)

    The Supreme Court Building
    Jerusalem, Israel
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    model4[4 of 4] "I would like to say how really delightful we all consider the model to be. It is a thoroughly professional job which brings the photographs and other records we have of the Garden Room fully to life for us."

    (W. A. Kingston — Regional Director, The National Trust, England)

    Lamb House Garden Room
    Rye, East Sussex, England

Between 1986 and 1992 I created the models presented in this portfolio. Through my interpretation of historic buildings and buildings of architectural interest I sought in this work to capture the essence of buildings — to convey their emotional quality rather than to give a detailed reproduction in synthetic materials. My aim was to interpret both the environment that gives personality to buildings, and the raw elements of buildings that have grown out of careful planning and the imagination of architects who themselves are formed by the environment in which they work.