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    A mix of cedar and corrugated metal siding accents the diverse volumes of the house.next>
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    A mix of cedar and corrugated metal siding accents the diverse volumes of the house.<back next>
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    With a nod to the modernism of Le Corbusier and the International Style red-accented piloties and ribbon windows define the south elevation.<back next>
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    The north elevation seen from the waterfront with the cedar facade accented by a stone chimney.<back next>
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    Approaching the main entry through a colonnade of red piloti.<back next>
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    Main entry with mahogany, stainless steel and glass custom built front door.<back next>
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    View of the entry to the the living area with gas fireplace, stone bench and chimney.  In the foreground: the main stair made of stainless steel with wood and and glass treads.<back next>
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    View of high-ceilinged living area, main stair and balcony with bookshelf rail.<back next>
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    View across living room balcony and bookshelf rail to master bedroom separated by shoji screen panels.<back next>
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    Looking from the kitchen to dining area with the lake view beyond.<back next>
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    Site Plan<back next>
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    Main Floor Plan<back next>
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    Second Floor Plan<back next>
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    South Elevation Drawing<back next>
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    East Elevation Drawing<back next>
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    North Elevation Drawing<back next>
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    West Elevation Drawing<back next>
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    Wall Frame Elevation<back next>
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    Long Overhang Roof Section Drawing<back next>
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    Front door design sheet.<back next>
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    Fireplace wall design sheet.<back next>
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    Bookshelf rail design sheet.<back

The secret of the Lake House is in the use of volumes to define living spaces from within and without.  Simple, clean contemporary lines bring together traditional building materials for a house that is perfectly suited to its site and the owners' needs for a summer home that expresses itself as a pure work of art.  The house was built on the foundation of a pre-existing building at an idyllic site facing a quiet cove on Lake Champlain.

Click through the slides above to view the finished house and select drawings, or scroll through the filmstrip below to follow the context, design and construction.

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