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    Interior overview showing partition display boards, wood stove, plywood floors and exposed rafters.<backnext>
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    View from "active" to "passive" sides showing partition display boards, plywood floors and exposed rafters.<backnext>
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    Screened-in entry hatchway and ridge skylights.<backnext>
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    Design Studio entry with suspended stair.<backnext>
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    Design Studio entry with suspended stair<back

The Design Studio resides in the sky-lit loft of a small barn (see Teiki Barn).  A line of windows connects the southern exposure at one gable end to the view of a brook at the other.  The interior space is divided by display boards into an active side with a computer and a drawing board, and a passive side with books, magazines and a chair for reading.  The exterior is clad in natural cedar siding while the interior is finished with plywood floors and exposed rafters set in a white plastered ceiling.  The loft space of the Design Studio is accessed by a stair suspended from the ceiling of the lower level of the barn.

Click through the slides above to view images of the Design Studio.  The slides below show the studio and barn under construction.

studio1 studio2 studio3 studio4 studio5